gold coast landscaping

Paxton, born on the Gold Coast, was a Somerset College Foundation Student who went on to study Horticulture at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE in 1993.

Since then he has worked for various landscapers and builders, developing his understanding for Landscaping and Construction principles.

He has also worked in coordination with his father, Urs Berger, an Award Winning Architect.  During this period, he gained an in depth understanding of the need to blend form and function in the design of a building and its outside areas.

Paxton has a passion for creating natural, healthy environments.  Through his experience and observations, Paxton recognises that natural products and native plant selection provides a more self sustaining system, requiring less chemicals, time and money to maintain.

His strong work ethic, integrity in business and his eye for detail ensures the high quality of work he produces. Please contact Paxton to discuss your needs.

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