Welcome to Landscaping Qld! We are always looking at new technology and information in the industry to try and give our clients the best choices available when creating their outdoor environment. There are a lot of new composite materials used in decking, screening, edging and outdoor furniture at the moment. Recycled plastic and timber fibre composites are becoming more durable in the elements giving them a longer life span. A problem in the past has been the deterioration and fading of products made with plastics which then makes it look cheap and tacky.

Another option in choosing materials for your job is recycled materials. I think it is great when materials can be reused or recycled and there are a number of yards in the Gold Coast area now selling recycled materials.

We will be looking to keep searching for better, cost effective ways to enhance your gardens that will not have a negative environmental impact.

Watch this space!

Paxton Berger